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Construction Accidents Injury Claims Attorney

Construction work on the job or company vehicle accident injury claims Attorney Robert Tenbrunsel – If you‘ve been injured on the job  call Ten-Law.com now ! (941) 309-5240 Have you been injured on the job in a construction accident or while traveling in a company vehicle? If so, Attorney Robert Tenbrunsel is a qualified construction accident Lawyer in Sarasota and, he’s ready to help you. If you’re a tradesperson or other laborer who has been injured on a jobsite, call TEN-LAW now. We are dedicated to obtaining – compensation from the general contractor or other subcontractors and, all appropriate re-imbursement for your work accident injury expenses and lost pay. You have the right to seek money damages for medical bills, wage loss not covered by workers compensation and/or your pain and suffering.

Talking with a construction accident attorney in Sarasota can be part of your recovery. Call now at 941-309-5240.

A consultation with our construction accident attorney in Sarasota or Manatee Counties is free. Find out about the benefits you may be able to seek. Construction workers often have cases beyond workers compensations claims. There may be an action that should be taken against the general contractor for failing to properly supervise the project. There may be a claim against other subcontractors for negligence. This is unlike most other kinds of employees, who are limited to workers compensation benefits when they have been injured in the course of their employment.

You may need a construction accident attorney in either Sarasota or Manatee Counties because project employers and supervisors failed to take safety precautions. The conditions onsite often pose grave hazards to the laborers. There is dangerous machinery; work occurs in high places; often the job requires heavy lifting.
  • In an effort to cut costs, the project employers often fail to maintain their equipment properly including ladders, machinery, and scaffolds
  • They fail to observe the federal and Florida state laws and OSHA regulations
  • Some fail to properly train their employees about the risks involved at the job site
The TEN-LAW construction accident attorney knows that building sites are chaotic places at which many different tradesmen including carpenters; plumbers; electricians; and masons; as well as many different subcontractors work side-by-side. Professionals take personal care to be safe. The same care must be expected of their employers and supervisors. When they failed, and you were hurt, call us.

At TEN-LAW, Robert Tenbrunsel is a construction accident attorney. In 30+ years as a personal injury lawyer, he has seen how laborers and tradespersons can suffer shattering injuries on a jobsite. They can't work for weeks or months - or ever again - while the bills mount.
  • Falls from rooftops, off of ladders and scaffolding; elevator shaft falls; as well as through gaps in flooring or through temporary flooring. Broken bones, spinal damage and brain injury can occur.
  • Crane and equipment falls: the catastrophic failure of large equipment can result in multiple injuries that will require a lifetime of care and could mean there will never be full recovery
  • Run over by equipment: Injuries from being crushed by large building site equipment can be life changing
  • Electrocution and shock: These injuries are among the most preventable. Burns and nerve damage are all too common.
  • Fires, explosions and welding accidents: the medical care costs and pain and suffering are extensive
  • Building collapse, scaffold collapse and unsafe equipment: again, injuries of this type could have and should have been prevented.
You may have a claim for more than workers comp. Call now at 941-309-5240

Robert Tenbrunsel is a construction accident attorney in Sarasota, Bradenton and all of Manatee County. The discussion of compensation on this web page is for informational purposes only and does not promise an outcome in any future cases brought by TENLAW. No lawyer can guarantee the outcome of a legal action.

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