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Dog Bite Injury Attorney – Personal Injury Lawyer

Robert Tenbrunsel Attorney in Sarasota, FL helps you receive compensation from dog bites caused by negligent dog owners. If you or a loved one has experienced the trauma of a dog bite, you need the assistance of a highly competent Sarasota, FL Dog Bite Law Firm Ten-Law.

No one expects to be attacked by a dog. Most often we reasonably think other FL dog owners will take precautions to prevent their pets from harming other animals or people. But, manay dog bite lawsuits in Sarasota County Florida often occur as a result of the actions or negligence of irresponsible pet owners. These owners often failto properly restrict dogs to their homes or yards which can lead to pain, disfigurement and even death on some occasions.

Many pet owners turn a blind eye to the possibility that their beloved pets can inflict pain or severe injury on others. Also some owners are even willfully negligent. From the smallest pure-bred canines to large aggressive-breed dogs, almost all pets have the capability to do physical damage. As a top dog bite lawyer in Sarasota, Robert Tenbrunsel has helped clients recoup losses experienced after attacks varying widely in severity.

If you or someone you care about has been bitten by a dog, you may be experiencing more than pain at the injury site. In addition to the trauma of such an attack, FL dog bite victims often require extensive medical care. Bills accumulate and victims may even experience severe disfigurement. As an experienced FL dog bite attorney in Manatee, Robert Tenbrunsel is skilled at seeking recovery of physical and financial losses.

In his more than three decades of experience, Robert Tenbrunsel has helped many clients gain compensation after dog attacks. Whether the bite is relatively minor or extremely serious, this dog bite lawyer in Sarasota aggressively fights for the rights of his clients. Hard work, tenacity and prompt communication help ensure the best possible results in each case.

The earlier you seek legal counsel, the better your chances for receiving fair compensation. Some dog bite lawsuits in Sarasota County are unsuccessful because victims failed to contact an attorney early on. As a seasoned FL dog bite attorney in Manatee, Robert Tenbrunsel will counsel you on the essential information you need to proceed with your case.

FL dog bite laws are strict and complicated. Robert Tenbrunsel understands the complexities of these regulations and will aggressively seek the compensation you are due after a dog bite or attack. As a top dog bite lawyer in Sarasota, he will leverage his experience and deep understanding of the law to gain the best possible results. You pay nothing unless you win or receive a positive settlement.

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