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Personal Accident Injury Claims Testimonials

I felt you handled the case so beautifully. You as a lawyer presented your case with such power and presence. I can tell you that you came across as a very genuine honest person with a great deal of masculine force in that courtroom. And you also showed sweetness to your client who obviously was in a state of discomfort. When you bellowed out at the nurse on the witness stand it came across as a sincere indignation, it couldn't have been more appropriate. I just wanted you to know you conducted yourself in that courtroom in an extremely gifted way. You exude credibility because that's your personality.
- Juror Charles Lewis in a letter to Robert Tenbrunsel following a verdict in favor of Mr. Tenbrunsel's client injured in an automobile accident.

Robert Tenbrunsel represented me in a case involving my fall into a pothole on a city street. He did an excellent job throughout the case and the amount we settled for was far more than I ever expected. Not only that but he was very courteous and responded promptly to all my telephone calls. He took a personal interest in my case and my own personal well-being that was far beyond what other attorneys would do. He has continued to help me without charge even though my case is over. Because of the outstanding job he did for me, I recommend Robert to all my friends who need a personal injury lawyer. I am proud to call Robert Tenbrunsel my attorney.
- Eileen Sweeney

I hired Robert Tenbrunsel to represent me after I slipped in a sharp drop-off in a restaurant parking lot. Mr. Tenbrunsel promptly came out to the scene of the accident and took pictures of the hazard before the restaurant leveled the parking lot. Initially, the restaurant's insurance company refused to offer any money to settle because they claimed the incident was my fault for not seeing the problem and avoiding it. Robert would not take "No" for an answer and eventually persuaded the insurance company to submit the matter to a mediator. As a result of Robert's aggressiveness and perseverance, the case was settled for a very fair figure. I don't believe any other attorney would have done as well for me as Robert.
- Sandy Roth

You are the two best-prepared attorneys who have ever appeared before me.
- Circuit Judge Susan Bieke Neilsen speaking to Robert Tenbrunsel and the defense attorney after Mr. Tenbrunsel won a verdict for a client injured in an automobile accident.

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