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Slip and Fall Personal Injury Attorney

Sarasota Bradenton, FL Slip and Fall Accident Injury Compensation Claims Lawyer Ten-Law. Call Today for a Free Consultation to protect your legal rights to sue.Call our aggressive slip and fall Lawyer in Sarasota, FL if you are hurt on unsafe flooring, a sidewalk, or due to any property owner negligence. Call TEN-LAW now. We pull out all the stops to win damages for injured slip and fall injuries. You pay no legal fees unless we win for you. Call now for a slip and fall Attorney at 941-309-5240.

Have you been injured in a slip & fall accident?

TEN-LAW is dedicated to going after property owners and managers whose negligence or carelessness caused you to slip and fall due to failure to fix hazards to cause slip and fall injuries. The effect of slip and fall injury pain can last a life time, leading to:

  • Loss of income
  • Sky-high medical bills
  • Emotional trauma

Our law firm has a proven record of getting clients appropriate compensation to help them heal and lead normal lives. We put the liability on the responsible party. Insurance may not pay for all your medical treatment and lost wages, and it will not address pain and suffering issues you may bear. If an accident is someone else's fault, you need a knowledgeable attorney to protect your interests. We handle far more than just cases involving slippery stairs and wet floors.

We also represent victims of unsafe conditions, such as:

  • Inadequate or obstructed warning signage
  • Cracked or uneven flooring
  • Debris or obstacles posing a tripping hazard
  • Slick floors that appear dry / safe
  • Unsecured cords and cables
  • Sharp dips in walkways
  • Poorly-maintained elevators
  • Faulty escalators
  • Loose handrails

How Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

We evaluate every accident on its own unique circumstances. We dig deep to get to the heart of each case. That means we may hire experts in building code issues, and we pore over safety records. We study clients' medical history and bills, as well as financial obligations affected by the incident. We are thorough and determined. Laws recognize that honest mistakes are made and that people need to remain alert in public spaces. Still, businesses are legally obligated to be vigilant in maintaining safe operations. They must promptly correct a problem as soon as they become aware of it.

Common examples include the following:

  • Building code violations
  • Cleaning spilled liquids in a supermarket
  • Putting up "Wet Floor" cones after mopping
  • Improving visibility of dangerous obstructions
  • Removing carelessly strewn hangers on a clothing store floor
  • Hazards that cannot be fixed right away require highly visible signage or safe detours

Call a slip and fall lawyer to discuss your situation immediately if you fall in a public place and suspect negligence. You may call even if your injuries appear minor as more serious symptoms may surface later. Our team usually takes on insurance companies or large corporations. We usually advise our clients to talk to us before signing any insurance company papers, waivers, or statements. We discourage them from discussing (especially in recorded phone calls) the situation with any insurance firm. There is no reason to suffer from injuries that will result in medical bills; extended treatment and rehabilitation; an inability to earn a living; and child or elder care arrangements during recuperation.

Talk to us before you sign anything from an insurer. Call us at 941-309-5240. GET A FREE CONSULTATION!

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