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Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims Lawyer

Were you recently injured in a Motorcycle Accident that wasn’t your fault? You need to protect your right to injury claims. Call Ten-Law Today. Free Consult.Call Ten-Law, an aggressive motorcycle accident attorney in the Sarasota area, call TEN-LAW. Our law firm fights for compensation for injury victims--and wins. Our team focuses on representing riders hurt as a result of the negligence of another motor vehicle operator, or injured by faulty equipmenta.

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You need a motorcycle accident attorney who is aggressive and adept at winning compensation for injured bikers.

If a loved one was killed in a cycle accident, you may need to seek compensation for expenses like:

  • Lost income and future wages
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Care-giving issues for the injured or children
  • Funeral costs
  • Loss of companionship

These financial needs are especially relevant for bikers: The vast majority of motorcycle crashes involve men ages 45 to 54, followed by men ages 25 to 35. Both age groups represent prime income-earning years. A family can be left without a primary wage earner in the aftermath of a crash. The average hospital cost for an injured bike operator is nearly $50,000, according to a recent University of South Florida study. About 40 percent of crash related injuries and deaths are related to traumatic brain injury (TBI). Cycle crashes cost Floridians nearly $400 million a year in hospital bills.

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An experienced motorcycle accident attorney knows all-too-well that injury and death occur because cars do not always treat bikes as equals. Auto and truck drivers usually are not as badly injured as riders. In many cases motorists will say bikers are harder to spot on the roads. This is no justification for negligent driving that causes an accident. That is why we fight for the rights of injured riders. The growth in popularity of two-wheeled rides is a top reason for accidents. The most recent Florida Highway Patrol statistics show more than 8,300 bike crashes annually--up from 4,400 in 1997. Of those:

  • More than 7,400 riders were injured
  • More than 750 passengers were hurt
  • Nearly 400 riders were killed
  • 26 passengers were killed
  • 16 percent of all traffic deaths involve cyclists

Our motorcycle accident attorney sees the effects of these traumatic events. In addition to hospital bills, many injured riders face rehabilitation, as well as lost wages due to injury, which can cause bills to pile up. Insurance may or not cover the costs you need to get back on your feet. In fact, insurance companies are notorious for holding on to every penny they can in these cases. From 1997 to 2009 the number of crashes involving cycles rose from 4,400 to 8,300. Fortunately, Florida's Motorcycle Safety Coalition and new rider training requirements in 2008 reduced the number of crashes by nearly 14 percent. It is an improvement, but still does not address the issue of car drivers who do not share the road with bikes. We aim to hold them accountable. Call our firm to talk about your case. We can tell you about your rights!

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