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Wrongful Death Attorney Sarasota, FL

If you have lost a Loved One or Friend due to negligence of others or an unsafe workplace call Ten-Law.com for a free consultation. As a wrongful death attorney in Sarasota, Robert Tenbrunsel represents the survivors of a person killed in an accident or due to negligence. The goal is to ensure that the person who is legally responsible is held accountable, and provides proper compensation to families. So if you have lost a loved one, call now for a free consultation. We are here to listen and help to provide Justice with Compassion.

We work for what you need to rebuild your life. Call us now at 941-309-5240.

Death Of A Love One Due To Others Negligence

A person has died. Not just a person but somebody's Father, Mother, Child, Spouse, Relative, or other Loved one. The victim's survivors are left with indescribable grief and sense of loss. And, also bills, funeral expenses, and, worst of all, the family is now often without a source of income if the deceased was a wage earner for the family at the time they were killed. If these are the circumstances you find yourself in, call us now.

A wrongful death attorney in Sarasota can recover the money that you need, and deserve to have. The law allows for compensation for bills relating to the deceased, including:

  • Ambulance charges
  • Emergency room treatment
  • Hospital and medical costs
  • Funeral and burial expenses
Our wrongful death attorney in Sarasota can work to make sure a family receives fair and proper compensation so that they can move on rebuilding their life:
  • The wages their loved one would have earned and contributed to the family during the remainder of his or her lifetime
  • The conscious pain and suffering the injury victim suffered before he or she died
  • Their grief and loss of their loved one
  • The loss of the support and intimate relations of a spouse
The TEN-LAW wrongful death attorney in Sarasota is available to take care of all necessary legal arrangements for the appointment of the deceased's personal representative. In order to represent the victim's survivors in a wrongful death case, Florida law requires that a personal representative be appointed to take charge of winding up the deceased's financial and legal obligations. Florida law also requires that a wrongful death lawsuit be filed in the name of that personal representative.

Contact a wrongful death attorney in Sarasota as soon as you can after the tragedy. In these kinds of cases, as with all lawsuits, there is a specific time period in which to file a claim for compensation. This time limit is called the Statute of Limitations. In Florida wrongful death claims, a survivor has two years after the death of a loved one to file the court case. It is simply not advisable to wait until the end of that time period because it will take your lawyers time to assess and prepare the case. A survivor who fails to make a claim before the Statute of Limitations expires may never recover the money they need and deserve to have.

At TEN-LAW, we focus on representing the survivors of a person killed in an accident. Call now at 941-309-5240.

Robert Tenbrunsel is a wrongful death attorney in Sarasota, Bradenton and in all of Manatee County.

The discussion of compensation on this web page is for informational purposes only, and does not predict an outcome in any future lawsuit handled by this firm. No lawyer can promise an outcome of a case.

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